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Wi-Fi Marketing And Its Benefits To Your Small Business

Today, having a mobile phone is a necessity. The functionalities of a mobile phone go beyond calling and messaging because it has developed into an indispensable tool for carrying out daily tasks like paying bills, placing food orders, and making purchases.

Many customers are constantly on their phones while shopping, so why don’t you use this reality to boost your business?

Offering free Wi-Fi to customers at your small business can be the ultimate game changer when attracting clients. This is not just an effective marketing strategy but one that offers a win-win solution for you as the business owner and your customers by easing their concerns about their purchases.

What Is Wi-Fi Marketing?

When businesses offer free Wi-Fi in their stores, they are engaging in Wi-Fi marketing. The connection is usually in exchange for customer contact information they can store in their database.

With contact details on hand, the business can send marketing campaigns, SMS updates, and email newsletters with the latest updates and promotions.

With Wi-Fi marketing, if your customers connect to your wireless network, they’ll be required to fill a signup page. After providing the necessary information, like their contact information, and accepting some terms and conditions, they can use the Wi-Fi while at the store.

You have control over which websites the customer sees when they first connect to your Wi-Fi. Businesses frequently use the welcome page to promote their products and services. For the entire duration the customer is connected to your Wi-Fi, they will see links to your website and related advertisements.

How Can Wi-Fi Marketing Help Small Businesses?

As an entrepreneur with an actual physical store, you need an internet connection to complete most of your business transactions. Extending this service to your customers is a small step, but it can help your small business.

Here are some ways that it helps your marketing seamlessly:

Your Customers Tend To Spend More Time In Your Store

Customers who don’t find what they’re looking for in your shop tend to leave and move on quickly. But not when you have free Wi-Fi for them.

Customers tend to stay longer in your store, browsing and buying even a single item in exchange for the convenience of an internet connection.

Even without the initial intention of buying, customers who connect to your business’ Wi-Fi feel the need to buy something and get interested in the products and services that you offer. This is a huge win when people show genuine curiosity about what you can offer.

You can make the most out of your Wi-Fi marketing by imposing time limits on every client’s internet use, and they have the option to “top-up” their free hours by subscribing to your mailing list or answering surveys for you.

You Get Yourself A Pot Of Gold In The Form Of Customer Data

Wi-Fi connection serves the basic purpose of getting potential customers to provide you with their contact information. Growing your database of customers’ mobile numbers and email addresses are advantageous because you can get more leads and for sending out product alerts and promotional emails.

But there’s more to just the contact details. Through your Wi-Fi connection, you can get detailed information on how frequently a particular client visits your store, the age group of clientele who browse through your shop, and a history of their recent purchases. All of this data will allow you to better target your audience.

This is powerful because you can send information to specific target groups that you know will lead to sales and customer loyalty over time.

You Build A More Intimate Relationship With Your Customers

Small businesses rely on repeat customers to keep going because these same customers can market their business by word of mouth and share their experiences and even reviews.

The data you can gather when the customer connects to your Wi-Fi will be your opportunity to second-guess the products that interest this customer. Once the customer is in your shop, you can have your store assistants promote particular products for a more personalized approach.

Impactful marketing campaigns where you can feel a connection with your customers can make a difference in the success and growth of smaller businesses.

Final Thoughts

Wi-Fi marketing benefits your business because effective use of this modern strategy can make your customers feel more valued and connected to the network and your business.

If you already have an internet connection in your business location, consider upgrading it so that you can share more bandwidth with your customers and eventually expand the marketing to include personalized login pages and promotional information.

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