Should I be using a VPN for my business?

Cybersecurity threats for busiensses have grown 10 fold over the past few years. It is almost imminent that at one point in time someone will ill intentions will make an attempt to either hack or impose as someone else (known as Phishing) with the intent of stealing money off of your business. Add malicious malware known as Ransomware into the list, and you have a deadly mix of things that can make a dent on your business or even wreck it (one in 5 businesses hit by Ransomware are forced to shut down, a study reveals).

Forming a serious defense against the online threats requires a certain level of expertise, but there are easy things to be done to minimise that risk. Choosing the right passwords, limiting sharing of sensitive information and setting up firewalls are among them, but one area we would like to focus on are VPNs. A VPN, a Virtual Private Network, is a mean to connect to the internet through a 3rd party server that does not store your data. It makes certain types of hacking attempts impossible, and it barely costs your business anything.

Cheap VPN highly-recommend providers such as VyprVPN or NordVPN cost as little as $3 a month. You or your employees will download a seamless software and the only thing required in order to active it is click on the “Secure Login” button. That’s all there is to it. Anti Virus companies are offering that service as well but a premium license could cost in upwards of $50 per user, while these two VPN providers will enable you to use their software on multiple machines (within reason). Even if you are forced to buy an additional license or two for VyprVPN or NordVPN, it all comes down to $3 a month. I bet you are paying more than that on much less significant components or system for company!

You can read detailed reviews about these two companies / software in here:

Here are some of the key components that makes these particular companies recommended by RuinMySearchHistory, a veteran cybersecurity and privacy website which has been featured in every big tech publication over the pat 10 years:

  1. Reasonable pricing
  2. Dozens of locations to choose form
  3. Quick download and upload (it will never be as faster than your normal connection)
  4. Long history
  5. Impeccable reputation in the industry
  6. Good feedback by users
  7. A Guarantee that they would not store data about your surfing habits
  8. Highly recommended by every VPN comparison site out there
  9. Easy to use software
  10. Constant software updates to prevent vulnerabilities

Beyond these two VPN providers, there are plenty of SME-facing VPN providers out there. Big names include “Hide My Ass”, Express VPN and IP Vanish. We believe that using either VPN software (as long as credible and have been around for a long time) will serve the purpose of enhanced security for your small business.



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