Top New Home Business Ideas & Opportunities 2022

Starting a home business is a great idea if you are already working or looking to work around commitments. There are now plenty of ideas that you can run from your computer at home. Nearly all of these businesses take advantage of the internet, meaning reduced overheads and keeping costs to a minimum. If you want to start a business from home then now is the time to get started. Take a look at some of our favourite home business ideas to get started in 2022.

Collections and dealing

There are plenty of items you can start trading in from cars to stamps. If you have an interest in a particular niche you could start buying and selling from home. Most of your time will be spent researching the right items to buy. You will have t0 be looking out for great bargains what you can make a quick turn around on. There are plenty of online marketplaces to take advantage of and many niches will have their own marketplaces and forums.

Computer and gadget repair

If you are good with technology and have some spare time then you could start repairing gadgets. There are always people breaking their phone screens or needing their computers fixed. If you know what you are doing and can get hold of the parts to carry out the repair then this could be very profitable. Customers are often willing to pay a lot for iPhone screen repairs and could leave you with a good profit in a short amount of time.

Data entry

Despite not being particularly interesting, data input could see you earning some easy extra income. Furthermore you can also work flexible hours to fit around commitments. As you are working for someone else as well, you know when you are going to get paid and how much.

Where you can find projects to work on? Usually on freelancing platforms like and but you can also find them on forums dedicated to freelancers or internet marketers. Some people find work on Twitter by using the Search bar so, there are possibilities; you just need to search for them.


Yes, blogging is a good way to make money from home. However, you should not be setting up a blog with the sole purpose of making money as you never will. The blogs that make the most significant income are the ones that are filled with great content and have a large following online. If you have a passion for a subject that you could blog about, then this is where you could make some money.

Out of all of the ideas here, blogging is the one that will take the longest for you to make a profit. However, if you put the work in, think about a long-term plan for it, then you can really create a nice side-income.

A few ways to easily monetize the blog:

  • Using Google Adsense
  • Working with Amazon in an affiliate system
  • Getting paid by others to promote their products/services


There are always companies looking for writing. This could be anything from blog posts to press releases. If you want to start writing then there are plenty of freelance marketplaces for you to find work. You will most likely start off by offering low prices until you have built a reputation and then you can start to put your prices up and charge a premium for your work.

Some places where you can find projects:


We come on the internet to learn. If you have a lot of knowledge about a subject then you can charge to teach others through the internet. You can do this through Skype teaching sessions or you could even write your own course. People are often willing to pay a lot for personal teaching online and this could see you earning a good profit with little overheads.

If you know that you have knowledge that others could use, don’t wait and start tutoring people for money. For example, there are a lot of people who would like to learn English from the comfort of their home. Or you can help someone with their Math homework. There are endless possibilities.


Are you bilingual? Do you know a second language at least at a medium level? Then use this knowledge and start providing translation services for people who need it.

Who will need this kind of service? Well, at least two categories are very popular:

  • Students who need it for school projects.
  • Website owners that want to break in foreign markets and re-create their website in a foreign language.


Next to the Translating gig, you can easily add another service – Proofreading. Some people are not native but still, know how to write in a foreign language. But like we all know, if you’re not a native, you’re bound to make mistakes. Your job will be to address those mistakes and re-write short sentences to make it read nicely and have a good flow.

Social media marketing

Small businesses can see the benefits of using social media and are willing to pay and outsource when they can’t do it themselves. You could charge local businesses to look after their social media accounts and keep them updated. Your job would mostly involve posting new content and replying to customer questions.

It’s easy and, in the end, you would do something that you’re already doing in your free time on your own social media accounts.

Voice over

Do you have a microphone at home? Even a cheap PC mic will work for this or you can by one and pay it back from the first 1-2 gigs.

How does it work? Pretty simple:

  1. People need a voice to add to their presentation, tutorial or video.
  2. They will send you a script with what you need to say
  3. Record yourself with the mic
  4. Send the audio file to the client and get paid

Q: Where you can find clients for this kind of service?

A: The freelancing platforms are usually the way to go but other sites like have created dedicated sections for voiceovers providers.

Here it is, 10 Business Ideas you can start in 2022 to start creating a side income working in your spare time from the comfort of your home. All ten options are easy and make use of skills you already own and, most importantly, no money is needed to start making money. So what are you waiting? Go and get your first client right now!

2 thoughts on “Top New Home Business Ideas & Opportunities 2022

  1. John-Green Fairy March 23, 2015 at 10:47 am

    interesting post- I have come across a number of people who seem to think that blogging is a big bucks business and the ultimate answer but that is far from the case- so many bloggers themselves have stated that it has taken at least a year to start to really pick up on site visits, so i would definitely agree that this is more of a longer term option and one that will require a great deal of patience!

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