Ecommerce Website Design Trends 2018

Top 5 Ecommerce Website Design Trends You’ll Want to Try in 2019

With the popularity of mobile browsing increasing, it’s easy to see why ecommerce websites will be mostly made up of mobile websites by the time 2019 rolls around. Perhaps this is why designers are always looking for ways to adapt website designs for all sizes of screens rather than those that are simply large. The biggest influencers of design, including Apple, Google, and Amazon, are likely to lead the way with new concepts that web designers can utilize. However, many designers also try making their own concepts based on what they see that users want.

The entire process of creating a new ecommerce design concept may be slow, but soon things will likely pick up. It’s projected that next year designers are going to think more about their designs and how user-friendly they are on mobile sites. This is because less visitors are clicking through desktops and now consider mobile browsing the go-to way of visiting companies online. To bring these ideas to light sooner, check out the five trends below, which are sure to be popular next year.

1. Making Mobile Design the Priority

In the past it was common for website designs to be based solely on desktop websites. This is due to the fact that most people browsed through their computer when they needed to buy something or visit a company online. However, this is no longer the case with the high number of mobile website users there are today. Mobile design is now first, with adaptive features being made available for those who are browsing on larger desktop screens.

Examples of the Mobile First Trend:

– Filling Out Horizontal Spaces

Rather than having large gutters and a lot of white space, desktops will fill the horizontal spaces it has. By using the full width of the screen the site looks great on desktops as well as mobile websites.

– Introducing Hidden Menus

Otherwise known as hamburger menus, hidden menus save space while still allowing users to navigate the website with ease. It’s incredibly useful with mobile sites but looks great on desktops as well.

– Larger Icons

Larger icons and buttons are suitable for mobile designs because they help make it easier to navigate. Those also look great on desktops so they are useful for both options.

2. Long Scrolling Capabilities

When on a mobile website it’s more user-friendly to be able to scroll down rather than switch between pages. For this reason, the long scroll is likely to continue being a trend into the next year. Objects such as images on the page may also be slow to load, as this will help make the scrolling process go by faster. The biggest advantage of this is the fact that users will potentially be able to see hundreds more products than they would otherwise, all without having to load a new page.

3. Google’s Material Design

The Material Design motif, which was created by Google in 2014, has grown through the years. In 2019 it will certainly help designers create their mobile apps and ecommerce websites more easily. It features card-like layouts as well as quick transitions and quick responsiveness.

4. Moving Hamburger Menus to the Left

The hamburger menu on most sites used to fall on the right. This is starting to change now that more websites have followed a new pattern. Designers are now placing hamburger menus on the left so it’s one of the first things that visitors see.

5. Introduction of Cinemagraph

Much like a GIF, a cinemagraph is a small image that features a repeating animation. This catches the eye and looks great on mobile websites as background images, banners, product images, and more.

More to Look Forward to in the Future

If you own a website and are looking for ways to change and innovate, there are many more web design ideas you can expect to surface in the near future. One in particular is with enhanced responsiveness. This will allow websites to adapt to individual users rather than screen sizes so they have a more enjoyable browsing experience. Everything from the layout and visual acuity could even change upon browsing. Another exciting trend next year is likely to be the enhanced use of color. This will take the place of sites with minimalist designs, which have so far dominated mobile sites.

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