GRIT Freedom Chair

Incredible Startups that Assist Handicapped People

In today’s world, it’s critical that startups have inclusivity in mind when they work to serve their customers. Some startups have taken this to heart and are building solutions that assist people who are handicapped around the world. These startups each have a unique mission, and are making the world a better place. Supporting start ups like these is an incredible thing to do, and the following list introduces some of the most incredible startups that are revolutionizing the way the handicapped are able to interact with the world around them.

GRIT Freedom Chair

GRIT Freedom Chair

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce backs GRIT’s Freedom Chair, a startup that builds all-terrain wheelchairs for “disabled adventurers.” The chair itself is fairly incredible – quick-release seatback, comfort cushion, quick-release hub, bike wheels, an adjustable height footrest, a solid rubber front wheel, bicycle headset, a lightweight steel frame, and a lever drivetrain make it possible for lovers of the outdoors to explore at their leisure.



Paratrek logo

Paratrek is a start up that has created the Paratrekker, a hiking solution for those who use a wheelchair. The Paratrekker is, essentially, an off-road or all-terrain wheel chair that opens up the opportunity for disabled individuals to enjoy the great outdoors in an entirely new way.

The Paratrekker is intended to be guided by hiking-friends through the trails to allow groups including wheelchair-users to be involved with this popular outdoor activity. The unique design is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it ideal for outdoor challenges. It allows fellow hikers to both stabilize, support, and lift their wheelchair-using friends to promote inclusion within the activity.


Play Work

Rehabilitation can be a long, arduous process. Playwork is pushing to make the rehabilitation journey more enjoyable (and effective) through the creation of a smart gaming system that integrates with rehab and exercise equipment. Playwork is using game design to create goal-driven rehabilitation “games” that allow individuals going through rehabilitation to better engage with their therapy, and for caregivers to provide a more extensive and enjoyable program to their patients.

Because research has shown that the more engaging the rehabilitation activities are, the more effective they are, Playwork is truly revolutionizing the way rehab centers can engage with patients.


ReWalk logo

For those experiencing paralysis, they may believe that they never have the opportunity to walk again. In the past, this may have been true. However, thanks to ReWalk, that’s changing.

ReWalk creates products that claim to be, “More than walking.” They act as a robotic exoskeleton that powers the hips and knees to stand, walk, turn, and go both up and down stairs. For people suffering from a spinal cord injury (SCI), ReWalk offers the opportunity to become almost fully mobile again – which is innovative, to say the least.


Kerjabilitas logo

Rubby Emir, founder of Kerjabilitas was founded with a simple mission: to help handicapped individuals find jobs. This digital business focuses on connecting people living with disability with accessible job opportunities near them. Their platform has a screen reader that opens the opportunity for blind, or visually impaired individuals, to both read job descriptions and apply for positions that interest them.

Kerjabilitas also has unique Disability Job Search and Career Networking features that make it possible for disabled individuals to both search for jobs that meet their select criteria and network with one another to seek advice on interviewing, applying for jobs, building a resume, and more.




Dot creates braille time and tactile time watches for disabled individuals. Dot’s team works to create an affordable and accessible tool for the visually disabled and deafblind that help them to lead a more independent lifestyle. The watch can be integrated with your smart phone to read text messages, voice mails, and more.

Although their Dot Watch is innovative, they aren’t planning to stop there. The creators at Dot are working to build an entire Dot ecosystem of affordable and accessible products and tools for the disabled that promote individualism, independence, and a fulfilling way of life.


MovInc logo

Often, motorized scooters are bulky and inconvenient. They make travel, spending time with friends and family, or enjoying life outside of the home inconvenient and time-consuming. However, MovInc. is looking to change that.

Their products are built with the intention of building a positive mindset toward senior mobility – and opening up opportunities to go out and connect with your community. Their motorized wheelchair is portable, easy to use, agile, and customizable based on your specifications and needs.

The World is Changing

The world is becoming a more inclusive place, in large part thanks to startups like these. Technology continues to improve, and as innovative options become available, the lives of those living with disabilities are becoming increasingly more active – and full of lifestyle options that may not have existed before.

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