How To Stay Productive When Working From Home

more of us are working from home these days and this is a particularly increasing trend in small business owners. If you are just starting or growing your business then working from home can mean reduced costs and more flexible working. If you run an internet business then you are most likely going to be working from home most of the time, and there may be no need for an office.

Working at home is great. It allows us to work flexible hours and fit business around our lifestyles. However one problem many of us face is staying productive when working from home. In this post I am going to share some top tips for staying productive.

Create your own workspace=-=

If you are working whilst sat on your sofa or in front of your TV then it’s obvious you are going to get less done. When you are working you want to be in an atmosphere where you can get on with your work without feeling too relaxed. By creating a separate workspace at home you can have an office away from the office. It’s a good idea to use somewhere such a specific room where you keep all your work related stuff. You remove all the distractions that are going to stop you concentrating and focus on the business.

Choose your working hours

A great way to stay productive is to choose your working hours and stick to them. You can fit your working hours around your lifestyle and then plan when you are going to work and what you plan to achieve. By planning your working hours you decide what you are going to get done and ensure that you are able to complete the days work. Not setting your working hours can mean putting tasks off and never getting round to them.

Stay connected

If you work with others then when working from home it is key to stay connected. Staying connected to others  can be a real motivator as you can discuss work and ensure that everything is running smoothly. When working from it can be a good idea to keep connected via methods such as Video calling as well as phone calls.

Make sure you are taking breaks

Spending hours sat in your home office is going to tire you out and lower productivity levels. When working from home it is important to take regular breaks which allow you to step away from the computer screen and relax. Taking regular breaks to do stuff such as go out are definitely a good idea when working from home to ensure you are able to stay productive and not get lost with work.

Leave work in the home office

One problem with working from home is getting your work and home life crossed. It’s important to stop work at the end of the day take time away from the office. Planning you working hours properly will allow you to ensure that you can walk away  from the office at the end of the day.

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