Startups Solving Covid-19 Related Problems

Startups Solving Covid-19 Related Problems

The year 2020 started like every other year, but barely three months into the year, the world was hit by the Coronavirus, a deadly virus that claimed over one million people’s lives. The need to limit physical contacts to break the spread of the virus brought up unprecedented challenges.

The pandemic seriously threatened businesses as most of them had to shut down to curtail the virus’s spread. Asides from businesses, schools, sports, and other forms of entertainment also had to close down.

Many essential working parents were thrown into a dilemma of whether to stay home and take care of their kids or report to work and leave their kids to fend for themselves. The situation was a very terrible one.

Fortunately, some startups rose to these challenges and are beginning to provide viable solutions to solve COVID 19 problems. This article looks at these startups and how they have provided solutions to COVID related problems in different fields.

5 Startups Solving COVID 19 Related Problems

  1. Second Medic

Health they say is wealth, and that’s exactly what this company is about. Second Medic is a health care company established to help people get easier access to medical information and provide a second medical opinion for people worried about the state of their health.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, many people couldn’t access professional medical information because they had limited access to their personal doctors. With all the COVID 19 information overload, people were more desperate to access medical doctors than ever before. They were anxious about their COVID-19 status; some just wanted to be certain that the medical results they received are correct.

This is where Second Medic became truly a hero. They responded swiftly by helping people get a professional second medical opinion on their health status. The company also helps users determine if they need to self-isolate or are in a population at risk of COVID 19. This has greatly helped curtail the virus’s spread as people can confirm their status and take necessary measures if they fall in the “at-risk” category.

  1. SpeechMED

This company was founded by Susan Perry with its headquarter in Miami. It is a multilingual healthcare and informative platform which assists caregivers in delivering effective care with positive outcomes. They help caregivers to ensure that patients are adhering to the doctor’s instructions, and they’re also taking their medication.

One of the problems people faced at the initial stage of the covid-19 outbreak was a lack of accurate information. The information available on the virus was minimal and mostly in English. This made it difficult for people who don’t understand the English language to fully comprehend the virus’s nature and what preventive measures they are to take.

SpeechMED is currently solving this problem by helping both the government and caregivers to translate into different languages the vital information on the pandemic and preventive measures to be taken by the people.

The company aims to ensure that patients have access to vital information concerning their health irrespective of their age, language, or literacy level. This is why they help patients and their caregivers by supplying important information in a language they understand.

They also have an easy to use and secured portal where patients and caregivers can now upload a lot of personalized information, appointments, medications, and emergencies.

  1. Sworkit

This startup company was founded in 2012. It is a digital fitness and wellness health care. As the saying goes, “work without play makes Jack a dull boy” This explains why one of the core subjects in school is physical and health education as it helps students stay fit both health-wise and intellectually.

Since kids were forced to stay at home during the lockdown, participating in regular physical activities became a big challenge, especially with the social distancing guidelines. Sworkit has an app that has proved to be very effective in solving this problem.

The Sworkit kid app has been useful for physical health teachers in this pandemic period to get children exercising. This helps to get kids on the move after a lesson or as a morning exercise. At home, in regular classrooms, while watching television or doing homework, the sworkit kids’ app can be used anywhere.

Sworkit kid features visually demonstrated exercises, which makes it easier for kids to use it. Its usefulness for the hearing impaired can not be overemphasized. Another benefit of this app is that it requires very little space for kids to exercise; hence kids can engage in the exercise at home.

  1. Seva Exchange

Seva Exchange was founded by Anitha Beberg in 2018. Seva exchange offers a time banking app to communities. In time banking, time is the currency! It allows people to pay service for service in the stead of money for services rendered.

As a way of responding to the COVID 19 crisis, the company is offering some communities free access to their community volunteer SevaXapp.

For most essential workers, the challenge is how to take care of their kids while they are at work. Seva Exchange offers a solution to this problem by providing childcare for parents with essential jobs. Furthermore, the company is also helping to deliver groceries to seniors in need.

  1. Instant Teams

This is a tech company that helps other companies access remote talents to help them work remotely. One of the changes brought about by COVID-19 is the switch from the traditional office settings to working from home. Even with the lockdown being lifted, it’s still clear that remote work is taking over! This is a major challenge for most businesses with very few remote staff strength.

Instant Teams have software that helps solve this problem. The company’s new beta software helps companies gain access to untapped remote talents. The software also makes it easier for companies to manage payroll, time tracking, and reporting issues. This makes the transition to remote work easier and better.


The COVID 19 pandemic has had negative effects on virtually every sector of the economy, from hospitality to health, education, commerce, and industries. Thankfully, many startups are already taking bold actions in battling the pandemic’s knock-on effects on society. The above-listed startups are some of the startups offering real solutions to covid-19 related problems.

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