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Pros and Cons of Working for a Startup or a Corporation

When you enter into the workforce you usually have no idea how many different options are out there for you. So we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons of working for either a startup company or a large corporation, hoping that you can help determine which environment will best suit you. Everyone has their own hopes, dreams, desires and needs so finding the position that fits you best might take a few tries. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find the dream job right out of school! Keep looking and build your work history and talents while you search for it. Even if the job you take you quickly learn what you dislike about the job, you are also making mental notes about what you do want in your next position. There is a learning curve not just with the job itself, but with what you want out of the organization you work for and with.

Start Up Company

It is no secret that the majority of startup companies fail and with that in mind, working for one can involve a great deal of risk on the employees part to accept a position. It is scary! But don’t let that completely derail you from every working for a startup company. There are lots of perks of working for one that you simply cannot get in the corporate world.

Pros of Working for a Startup Company

While most startup businesses lack large benefit packages, they try to make up for it with ‘perks’!

Promotions and titles can be a building block when working at a startup. Someone who started early with the company can easily be promoted more quickly than anyone working in a corporate environment. This can be ideal for young people who want to get ahead and aren’t needing as much financial security as someone older with a family to support. Anyone working for a startup gleems the experience and knowledge usually straight from the founders of the business, getting some of the best on the job training you can get!

Having the power to attract talent without having the corporate hoops to jump through is key for startup success! The startup can offer the employee what they are really looking for, which isn’t necessarily money. They might be looking for a flexible schedule, being able to work from home and or a more casual atmosphere. Every talented person is searching for something they are not getting in the corporate world.

Cons of Working for a Startup Company

The world load can be a bit much because there are not as many employees around to help share the load. With a higher workload it can create more stress on employees and managers also making for some long days or working the weekends to make sure deadlines are met. Job security is definitely a con, because the position you just took was probably just added, so if the cash flow doesn’t continue to come in your position might be the first that gets cut. Startups have been known to be quick to hire and quick to fire, so the promise of a long term career within the organization is promised to no one. Usually startup businesses do not have the financial means to pay top dollar or provide great benefit packages. Expectations when working for a startup are much higher of the people they hire than that of hires in the corporate world. In the corporate world each person typically has their list of job duties

Working for a Corporation

Being more than just a number while working in a large corporation may take time, but some people feel that the spoils that come from working in a large corporation far exceed the personal touch you can receive while working for a small organization or start up.

Pros of Working for a Corporation

Benefits, benefits, and benefits! Did I say benefits?! Corporations have the power to give the benefits that many talented people need. Working families need insurance, paid time off, holidays off, job security, a steady paycheck and work schedule. While some startup companies can offer a few of these, it isn’t often they can offer ALL of these benefits to be able to keep employees satisfied.

Usually when you start job within a corporation, someone had the job before you and may have left you some notes on just how to do the job. This can save you a lot of frustration!

IMPACT! You can create a greater impact while working for a large organization, if they will hear you out on your ideas. If you have an idea that should go viral and be implemented in your community, state, country or globally, you are more likely to be able to make that impact working for a large organization, rather than a small startup that is still trying to gain exposure.

Cons of Working for a Corporation

Procedures and protocols can be the downfall of working for a large corporation. They have rules and regulations for all of their employees to follow, this usually makes it harder for people with great ideas to get approval to do something that they believe will enhance the work environment, product or service provided by the corporation. Waiting for approval can turn good employees away and send them off into working for another company or starting their own business that can implement these enhancements without all the red tape.

Reflecting on all the information above finding what works best for each person can be a challenge, not necessarily a challenge in finding the organization to work for or with, but finding out what you actually want from your employer. You might think it is all about the ‘Benjamins’ but find that having a flexible work schedule is more valuable to you down the road.

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