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Custom Packaging: Its Importance and Impact on your Brand Identity

If you are a business owner, you want people to remember your brand. But, more often than not, the first thing customers see is often the last thing brands consider — packaging.

But, with so many competing brands, you need your product to stand out. And aside from the quality of your products, impressive custom packaging can be a major boost to your brand value.

What Is Custom Packaging?

Custom packaging can be the first impression you make on your customers. It can be a representation of your brand identity and values.

Unlike traditional or stock packaging that comes in brown or white, unmarked boxes, custom product packaging is tailored to showcase your brand logo or name, has a specific and identifiable design, and offers a little extra than what your customers expect.

Apart from the functionality of customizing your boxes to perfectly fit your product, you also have the option to create an experience for your customers. A personal touch like sending a handwritten thank you note with every package, a note on the brand’s sustainability or brand values, or even something as simple as a specific color or design that identifies your brand can go a long way in making your brand stand out and be memorable.

How Custom Packaging Can Build Your Brand Identity

Custom packaging costs more and involves more effort, but it is also the most effective way to build your brand identity. Here’s how.

1. Custom Packaging Improves Consumer Experience.

Your packaging sets up expectations for your product. The last thing you want is to have your client look at your packaging and already feel disappointed before they even get to the product.

Custom product packaging sets your product apart from the brown-boxed generic packaging. It tells your customers that you have taken care to ensure that they have a good user experience. Making the packaging visually appealing, complete with inserts and freebies, can increase customer satisfaction as well as increase brand loyalty.

2. Custom Packaging Can Turn Your Customers Into Your Brand Ambassadors.

Unboxing videos continue to be all the rage and are constantly shared on various social media and streaming sites. If your packaging is aesthetically appealing, your customers can automatically become your brand ambassadors.

Opening an intricately designed box or reading a handwritten thank you note addressed to the customer by name will give your customers that “wow!” moment and will be some of the most sincere marketing you can ever have. This is a free and effective way to advertise your product, while also making it more recognizable and reaching a wider audience.

3. Custom Packaging Establishes Your Brand Identity.

You may have a notable online presence with a stunning website and engaging social media. But, if that does not translate to the product that your customers receive, your brand will not thrive.

Your packaging is an effective way to create a strong impression. It can be a tangible experience of your brand values. Does your brand focus on sustainability? Why not make the packaging eco-friendly and include a small note on how your brand uses reusable or recycled packaging?

Make your customer’s unboxing experience something they will look forward to.

4. Custom Packaging Increases Brand Value.

Did you know, according to Forbes Magazine, up to 80% of customers do not purchase from the same brand again even if they were happy with the product? Why? They simply did not remember the brand. This is why custom packaging is so important.

We’ve all tossed numerous boxes after opening the package without a second look. You don’t want that for your brand. Make sure your customers will take the time to admire and appreciate all the details and the effort you have put into something as basic as packaging.

Remember, returning customers are as valuable as new ones. Custom packaging can help people remember your product and establish brand loyalty over time.

Final Thoughts

Custom packaging is an additional expenditure and requires more time and effort from your end. But, it plays a crucial role in establishing a business. Custom packaging will not only enhance customer experience but will also build your brand identity and help with marketing.

Allow your custom packaging to tell your brand’s story and make your brand memorable.

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