Gather Valuable Feedback

Creating A Google Forms Survey And Gather Valuable Feedback

Any organization’s success or failure depends on how well it recognizes, comprehends, and takes into account the requirements and feedback of its clients.

You need analytics data to accurately and immediately interpret user behavior so that you can continuously improve your customer’s experience. Additionally, being aware of your business’s strengths and opportunities can help you make smart decisions.

This is why it is common for organizations to conduct and send surveys to their employees and clients to gather valuable feedback. Regardless if the survey is intended to keep your employees happy or your customers satisfied, having an honest response gives you a competitive edge.

Surveys In Google Forms

Google Forms is one of the easiest ways to create and activate your survey. The platform can ask as many questions as needed using different styles. Whether you want to plan your year-end party or receive frank, anonymous feedback on employee salary or the caliber of your services, Google Form Surveys are all you need.

Surveys in Google Forms are usually sent out via email or hyperlinks. But you can also have your respondents fill out the form directly from a web page. Alternatively, you can publish the link on your organization’s social media site or website, so anybody interested in sharing their thoughts can simply click on the link to do so.

These surveys powered by Google Forms are free and easy to use, and you can customize them to showcase your branding. The surveys are unlimited, and the more responses and feedback you get, the better for analysis.

How To Create A Survey Using Google Forms

One of the advantages of creating a survey in Google Forms is its easy and uncomplicated process. Anybody can create a survey like a pro because the dashboard and interface are user-friendly.

Here are the steps to create one so you can find out what your employees or customers have to say:

#1. Go to and select “Blank.” You can also explore the pre-made templates by clicking on “More” and see if there’s one that you can use.

#2. Name your survey and add a short description.

#3. Click on “Untitled Question” and compose your question.

#4. Select “Multiple Choice” or how you want your questions answered. For all choices except “Short Answer”, “Date and Time”, and “Paragraph”, you will need to provide all possible answers from which your respondent can choose the most appropriate one.

The “Paragraph” and the “Short answer” options will give your respondent some space to type in their responses.

Multiple choices allow your respondent to select one answer, while checkboxes will permit your respondents to choose multiple answers to a single question.

“Date and time” allows your respondents to select the date or time.

Respondents can select their options from a menu in the dropdown.

A linear scale is a rating where respondents can rate from 1 to 5 depending on their question.

#5. To add more questions, you can click on the “Plus button”. Select the “Required” option to make your questions mandatory. The “Duplicate” icon is to clone your previous question, and the “Trash” icon is to delete the question.

#6. Repeat steps three to five until you have entered all your questions. You can select the “Palette” icon to modify your survey’s color theme or to add a photo or your organization’s logo to the survey’s header.

#7. Click on the “Eye” icon to preview your survey and use the “Gear” icon to set your survey settings. After reviewing your survey, you can already click on “Send” and enter your recipient’s email address. Compose a catchy subject line and a short message in the message box to persuade the recipients to participate in the survey.

#8. You can also share the survey link by clicking on the “Link” icon and paste or embed this in your blogs, online newsletters, websites, or social media accounts.

#9. To view the answers and read through the feedback, click on “Responses.”

Making Use Of The Feedback

Feedback is necessary to see your organization’s products, services, and processes from different perspectives. You can use the survey answers as vital documentation and a basis for future organizational changes.

Getting your employees’ and customers’ views is your way to improve awareness of what’s working, what you need to improve, and what you need to continue doing. Working on positive feedback and criticism will allow you to enhance and sustain your processes.

Additionally, allowing your people and clientele to be heard is one of the best ways to make them feel valued, empowered, and part of your organization.


In a fiercely competitive industry, you must work smart and utilize all available resources to your advantage. Using Google Forms to create surveys is a simple and effective way to gather insightful feedback and take necessary action.

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