Choosing The Right Business Telephones For Your Start-up

Choosing the right phone system for your business is important as a start-up. For many businesses your phone line will be your primary communication link with your customers so it is important to ensure it meets with your needs. Even if you are an online business it is important to have a phone number for customers to call with queries and you should get your business phone system setup as soon as you start trading.

There are different options available for your business phone systems. It is important to choose a phone system suitable for your start-up to ensure it meets all your needs. Take a look at these features below when choosing your phone system.



Voice over IP allow you to make low-cost phone calls over the internet. As a start-up business this could allow for lower running costs and therefore not reducing your profit. Using a VOIP system is often a lot cheaper in every aspect compared to traditional phone lines. Furthermore with VOIP one of the key benefits is that you can have more than two people talking at the same time. This is great for business meetings where multiple people can join.


As a start-up it is important to choose a business phone that is flexible as you expand.  If you have significant business growth then this could mean needing more business phones or more advanced hardware. it is important to ensure your phone provider can allow for this as you do not want to be tied into any long-term contracts which do not fit with the needs of your business as it grows.

International calls

If your business has customers from abroad such as an internet business then it is important to ensure you look at international calls. Not doing so could lead to you paying over the top  for international calls to and from customers. For international calls,VOIP can often be a better often to avoid high call charges.


As a business the last thing you want is to be experiencing problems with your phone systems. However if this does happen then it is important to know that there is support to help you. For this reason you should choose a phone provider that provides you with round the clock support in case anything goes wrong. There are many companies that offer great support and this should be one of the most important features to look out for.

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