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In this week’s post we will look at an interesting technological advancement and a whole new industry for startups.

When you pass away, your will is the one that will determine how your belongings are distressed between your loved ones. That will will also determine highly crucial things relating to your family – as it will assign legal caretakers / guardians to your children and pets. In addition to the above, your will will assign a person whose role is to make sure the will is executed as planned (executor).

As such, a will holds grave importance to your life and death (no pun intended).  Sadly enough, making a will at a lawyer may be unobtainable to many Americans (and particularly now amdist the Coronavirus financial crisis) – it is simply too expensive, and to some degree, even fearsome for the average American.

As opposed to making a will at a lawyer’s office, online will kit maker kits will only run $100 to $200, and if your requirements are basic it may cost even less. The best online will makers of 2020 will handle all your online will requirements quickly, swiftly and easily. The only thing you are required to do is be thorough about the additional documentation that needs to be added into your online will, so please follow the instructions once you sign up with either one of the best DIY online will software makers. Below you can read the reviews of the internet’s most popular will makers for the American market. These services are also available in countries like Australia and Canada (Canada’s best online will is reviewed here).

These online, do it yourself, will kits will help you achieve your desired outcome with less money spent, but lawyers have their own advantages too. Online software, as sophisticated as it can be, can’t replace experience and the “human perspective”. Hence some of the best online will makers of 2020 are offering also lawyer constancy for approximately $60 extra.

Best online will makers list


One of the best known legal software out there with customers in the millions, with a 7 day free account. Premium membership runs $40/m.

If you sign up with Rocketlaywer not only you will get a last will and testament creation service, you will also get access to a lot of other useful legal documents, such as lease form, business contract, employment contracts and more.

Rocketlawyer probably gives prospective customers the best value for money because of all the additional legal functions it offers.

US Legal Wills

Leading providers of specifically wills, unlike Rocketlaywer . Offering the creation of wills in a timely manner through an interactive system through a list of questions.

$40/will and $30/will for any additional will for family members. 30 day money back guarantee.


100% free tool for people to generate their own will. Easy and intuitive. Highly recommended.


Create your free will online as well as additional documents you require for your complete estate planning. It will cost you $69 to print and have it signed, though.


These concludes our list of the best online will makers for USA clients; a very interesting startup industry which is booming as of recently.

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