7 Places To Find a Co-founder for Your Startup Business

It is often seen that young entrepreneurs come up with great ideas but they fail to transform that ideas into actions. Previous researches show that entrepreneurs often get failed because of having no understanding of financial situations. Startup financing is really a bitter reality that every entrepreneur faces in his career and this is the thing that differentiates risk takers from employees that collect paychecks on monthly basis.

But there is another aspect we often ignore while starting a business and that is right skills we need to turn our dreams into actions. Oftentimes new ideas need some particular skills to transform imaginations into products. For example: software engineering, web developing, marketing or financial management.

If you have a great idea with unique selling proposition but don’t how to get started, you will obviously need to find the cofounder that has the right skills you need to start a business. One easy way to find cofounder is to look around in your close relationships. For example: brothers, cousins, or even in your friends. But if you didn’t get any right candidate for cofounder seat then don’t worry. In this short guide, I’m going to tell you that where you can get the right cofounder for your dream business.

Where to Find Co-founders for a Startup Business

1# Cofounderslab

Cofounderslab is a world’s largest website where people can easily find cofounders for their startup businesses. Up till now, 250K entrepreneurs from different countries have joined this site. If you’re looking for a cofounder, this is a good place to explore the skilled professionals. All you need is to join this site, complete your profile and start finding the like minded people.

2# Founder2be

For online startup businesses, web designing, developing and internet marketing are supposed to be mandatory skills to get started. If you are looking for people who can help you with these skills then Founder2be is the largest community where you can connect with these people.

3# Startup Weekend

Startup weekend is another entrepreneurial website which is powered by Google. Startup Weekend often arranges entrepreneurs get together all around the world. It is a 3 days event in which people participate and connect with other people having same mindsets.

For example, if you have a great idea but also looking for a cofounder then you should join this 3-days event. First day, you will have to start networking with people, choose the project on which you’re willing to work and then you will be allowed for one minute to present your thoughts in front of the group and finally build your team. The next day, you will get a chance to meet with industry experts and mentors who will share their experiences and business tips with you. Finally the last day, you will have to present your whole startup idea in front of a judges’ panel. Judges will choose the best ones which gets the highest scores.

4# CollabFinder

Likewise other sites, CollabFinder is dedicated to college and university students to build collaborative communities and groups in order to start projects. Furthermore, they can also arrange meetups and co-working space online.

5# Foundersdating

Some startups need expert advices and mentorship. If you’re facing technical issues in order to launch your startup then it’s a good platform for beginners to get real advice from industry experts, entrepreneurs and company advisors.

6# Founders Nation

Founders Nation is a region specific website which was created to help Israeli, and Europe based entrepreneurs. All you need is to share your thoughts with people who want to work with startup founders. Build your team and get started.

7# LinkedIn Pro

In social media, LinkedIn is prominent name where professionals and industry experts connect with each other and this is the only thing that differentiates LinkedIn from other social media websites. Accordingly to Statista quarterly report, more than 450 million users are currently active on LinkedIn. After FB or Twitter, it is really a large platform for professionals in order to hire people or find jobs.  If you want to find a confounder with relevant skills then believe me, you surely will get here.

On the other hand, if you didn’t get any good responses from these sites, then try to explore worlds’ best freelance websites. You will surely get highly skilled and professional people from these platforms. Hire them to get your projects done.

Final Thoughts

Finding a cofounder is supposed to be a difficult task and time consuming. But once you will get the right partner, you will enjoy numbers of benefits such as he/she will share your work as well as business risks. As I said earlier that startup financing is a really bitter reality and it is difficult for many entrepreneurs to raise funds for their startup businesses. Investors and banks prefer to grant loans to those startups that have cofounders. They actually want to minimize their risks. So, if you have a cofounder in your business then there are more chances that your loan applications will be accepted by investors/banks.  Best of Luck!

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