5 UK Niche eCommerce Business Ideas 2016

Starting an e-commerce business is now easier than ever these days with the help from popular e-commerce tools such as Shopify and WOO Commerce. If you have a passion for a particular product or niche then now is a great time to start your own e-commerce business.

Starting an online store does not just mean listing your products online then instantly driving sales. It can take a long time to build up an online store and requires good online marketing as well. If you are looking for ideas for a new niche e-commerce business here are e-commerce niches that are popular at the moment and would be great to get started in.

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Hard to find accessories

With the popularity of consumer electronics these days, there is a growing market for accessories for these. From iPhone cases to car air fresheners, there is a huge market for accessories. You could approach this market by buying the accessories from abroad in bulk and then selling them off individually to customers online.

Another way that you could approach this market would be to create and sell handmade accessories. These could be sold for higher value that the imported products and would allow for higher profit margins. Furthermore as they are unique, you could diversity yourself from the rest of the market. With this idea it is all about finding accessories that are currently hard to find all in one place online.

Car Parts

There are a lot of car communities online these days. Members of these often want to make upgrades to their car or fix problems. Due to the high expense of garages, many of these don’t want to pay and would rather fix or upgrade their car themselves using advice from the internet.

This creates a great e-commerce market where you could specialise in supplying parts for a particular make and model of car. You would then be known as the place to go in that industry for part and accessories. Car parts is becoming one of the fastest growing e-commerce industries at the moment with booming business.


Clothing is always popular online with such a large audience for all items of clothing. Creating an online clothing store is still a great e-commerce choice. Instead of following high street trends, you could create unique or specialist clothing in your own niche that is different to what is currently out there. This could be anything from designer tops to unique fitting hats. Starting an online clothing store means you are exposed to a large global market for sales.

Fitness equipment & nutrition

Fitness is one of the most popular business markets at the moment. Everyone is looking for  new ways to get in shape and keep fit. This creates a lot of demand for fitness related products. The first niche that stands out is home fitness equipment. If people can workout without the need to go the gym then they can work around their life better. You could start a store selling home fitness equipment to customers.

Another market is fitness nutrition. Healthy shakes and food are all the range at the moment. If you could create or supply the latest fitness drinks or get fit shakes then you could be onto a winner.

Local supplies

A unique and creative niche store could be supplying products that are available from local suppliers all in one online store. You could by these in bulk and then market them at the local community. Making use of social media would be key the success of this business idea. It could be a good idea to take advantage of Facebook advertising at first to raise exposure in the local community until your store starts to build up.

One thought on “5 UK Niche eCommerce Business Ideas 2016

  1. Lenn Rossi Bennett May 16, 2016 at 5:19 pm

    I started an online business late September 2014, focusing on the personalised gifts market – had a few sales here and there, but nothing to turn it into an overnight success! Alot of hard work and time going into it Seo, content, product uploads etc. However just wondered if you or anyone know of a good niche in the gift area, that are not being heavily focused on by the bigger players?

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