5 Social Networks Every Small Business Should Be Using

If you are a regular user of the internet then the chances are you make use of social networks. Social networks allow us to connect with others and broadcast information to others. Social media is everywhere these days from televisions to mobile phones. As a small business owner you need to ensure you are taking advantage of social networks and ensuring they are being used effectively.

Social networking has many benefits for small businesses. Firstly, it is a great tool to promote your business for FREE. As well as this you can interact with customers to find out what they are actually thinking and get feedback on meeting your customers needs. Take a look at these five social networks that your small business should be on.

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Twitter is one of the most popular social networks for small business and the one that we take advantage of. Twitter works great for small businesses as it is easy for you to gain a following. Unlike with Facebook, you can follow users to get them to follow you and make them aware of your profile. As well as this, with Twitter you can send out multiple updates throughout the day without other users getting annoyed as people often Tweet a lot compared to with other social networks. If you are new to social networking for business then Twitter is going to be the best place to start as it is easy to learn. Checkout the Twitter Glossary for somewhere to start.


Google+ is a fairly new social network compared to others out there, however it is growing all the time and catching up for the time it has missed. People tend to use Google+ a lot more for business compared to personal use. However this is great for your small business to network with others in your niche and engage with influential people online. One of the best features of Google+ is the Communities. You can build a community around the niche of your business and engage with others who has the same interests.


Everyone know Facebook as the most popular social network in the world and it has a lot to offer for businesses.  You create a Page for your business on Facebook and people can then Like your page for updates. The header space on your Facebook page is great advertising space for your business. As a new business you may find it hard to grow your community on Facebook and so it is worth taking advantage of Facebook advertising as it can often be very beneficial for new businesses.


with the high quality pictures on phones these days we are taking pictures all the time.  Visual social networking is becoming more popular and now is a great time to join in. On Instagram, you can show pictures of your products or recent work. Instagram often works better for businesses that have interesting pictures such as cake makers or car detailing and can often create a lot of interest around your products.


Now some people do not think of YouTube when you think social networks but YouTube is perhaps one of the best social networks for your business at the moment. Creating a viral video can allow you to bring a lot of exposure to your business that you can capitalise on. Furthermore, videos on YouTube often spread across other social networks because the visuals and music are always pleasing for any type of person.

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