5 Social Media Tips For Your Startup Business

Social media has been popular with online businesses for many years now. Furthermore there are now more traditional and startup businesses starting to use social media for business. Using social media for your business can bring many advantages to your online marketing strategy. You can appear to a whole new audience on social media, who you may not appear to through other forms of advertising. Social media also allows you to actually engage with your target audience and promote the people behind your business.

For many small businesses, hiring a social media consultant is not an option and it is often done by people with no previous social media experience. However there is no need to hire a social media consultant these days as you can easily learn how to promote your business on social media for free. Take a look at these tips below for when you are using social networking for your business.

Only focus on a few social networks

For some new businesses, they seem to think that registering on every social network is going to be the answer. However trying to continually promote your businesses on many social networks is just going to create quantity over quality of your social media accounts. As a business it is far better for you to focus on a few social media accounts and spent the time creating great content on those, instead of more accounts with less frequent updates

Photo sharing is big business

Within the last year, using photos on your social media accounts has become big business. Sharing photos with your followers allows them to see your business and also see the work that you do. Many businesses have even took to using dedicated photo sharing social networks such as Instagram. If you are a creative business, then you could share work that you have recently completed for clients. This allows potential customers to see some of your work and the service you provide for customers.

Make your account interesting

People follow users of social networks because they are entertaining, not because they are constantly promoting products. If you spend all your time on social networks just promoting your products, then users are not going to be interested in your posts and few people will want to follow you. If you are going to be successful on social networks as a business then you need to entertain your followers and give them a reason to follow you.  you could do this by sharing entertaining posts & photos. Furthermore another good way to increase following in your niche is to share industry news with your followers. This will give users who are interested in your niche a reason to follow you.

Engage with other users

Social networks are designed for you to be social and create the perfect environment to engage with your customers. if you see a customer mentioning a recent purchase from your business then why not reply and thank them for purchasing. On the other hand if a customer is complaining then you could reply to them to address their issue; showing your great customer service for others to see.

Schedule your posts in advance

With the help of many websites such as Hootsuite you can schedule your posts on social networks such as Twitter & Facebook in advance. Planning and scheduling your posts in advance can be a great way to work on your marketing strategy and plan interesting posts. Furthermore it means you do not have to worry about remembering these posts in the week as they are all set-up and ready to be automatically published at the time you select. Scheduling posts is very useful if you need to post at times where you are unable to. For example if you are trying to attract international clients then the best time to post could be when you are going to be asleep so you can schedule posts to do this for you.

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