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5 Smart Home Startups That Will Transform Your House

Smart Home Companies are working tirelessly to create more energy-saving and satisfactory tech products that would make lives easier for all homeowners. They are also invested in making homes safer, more efficient and more connected than it ever was.

If you are interested in transforming your home into a smart one, then take a look at these smart home startups that will transform your house.


goabode logoFounded in 2014 by various entrepreneurs, the start-up is sold out to using the power of technology and simplicity to keep homes and homeowners safe. They have been able to build products that live and grow with the owners while providing comfort.

They also provide diversity by allowing owners to choose the looks of their devices and how they would like them to fit into their daily lives. Their products include security cameras, alarm systems, and mobile apps that send alerts on break-ins, fire break-out, or medical emergencies.

Their latest invention, all-in-one-IOTA hub, turns a house into a typical smart home. Linked to the phone of the owner using a mobile app, it sends alerts on home disturbances and suspicious loitering. It also grants the owner control over other home electronics and appliances.

August Home

August Home logo

Acquired by ASSA ABLOY in 2017, its mission is to make its customer’s lives simpler and more secure. They do this by providing unprecedented visibility and control over their front doors. In their words; “they keep the bad guys out and let the good guys in”. And they do this on the terms of the homeowner.

The owner would also be in control of when these people can come in. This can come in handy for noisy neighbors or clingy relatives. Another advantage of their products is that the house key is embedded in a password on the mobile app. Therefore anyone who doesn’t have access to the password cannot have a key. Their products include Wi-Fi smart lock, Bundles, Accessories, Smarter Hosting, Smart locks for renters and so much more.

Teqoya Air Ionizers

Teqoya Air Ionizers logo

Founded by a French society in 2014, Teqoya devised a medium to purify the air that flows into your home. This created the Air Ionizers. Their Air Ionizers are ozone-free, eco-friendly, and perform continuous air purification silently. They are durable, sleek and they fit seamlessly into the home. They recreate negative ions that serve as natural cleansers making the air safe to breathe.

Teqoya air purifiers can neutralize up to 99 percent of bacteria-viruses, germs, fine particles, pollen that cause nasal irritations, animal allergens for those that have pets, mold and even bad odors.

Another benefit of this machine is that it can be used in homes, offices, cars and even large halls. This is highly recommended for those who suffer from allergy, asthma and other related health conditions.

Spinn Inc.


Coffee is a significant part of a person’s life. Apart from the satisfactory taste and its flavor, it has a lot of health benefits. And that is why it is of no doubt that a smart home needs a smart coffee maker.

Spinn was founded in October 2014 by many entrepreneurs. The start-up took advantage of the world’s ritual on coffee consumption, and provided a way to bean-brew coffee from the convenience of your home and at the touch of a button. The machine is Wi-Fi connected, therefore, it can learn, track and communicate with the owner.

Spinn is capable of making a variety of coffee mix including an Espresso, Cappuccino, an Americano, a Doppio,  A Lungo, Cafe Romano, the Guillermo, Cafe Zorro, Caffe Affogato and so much more.

Else Lab’s Oliver Cooks

Else Labs logoAlthough Else Lab was founded in 2014, they released the smart cooking robot; Oliver in 2020. Oliver is an AI that uses the latest engineering and technology to deliver a precision-perfect cooked dish. It has 5 top-loading jars, a water tray, two side handles, and a mixing arm that aids the cooking process.

It automatically dispenses each ingredient from the loading jars into the pot at the perfect temperature and the right time with the right technique. The AI can make soup, bake cakes, make jams, and so on. It also possess a communication feature and an app for easy operation.


A smart home makes life easy for everyone and with one or all of the devices listed, a homeowner can be guaranteed a secured, safe, comfortable, healthy, and smart home. You can take your time to pick out your choice from the above and make a bold step towards creating a smart home.

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