5 Part Time UK Business Ideas 2016

Many of us are looking to start new UK businesses in 2014, with many looking just for a part-time business. A part-time business idea will allow you to continue with your day job, whilst launching your business in the spare time.If your business takes off then you could turn it into a full-time business.

Launching your own business takes determination and a well thought out plan in order to succeed. Meeting people’s needs will allow you to make sales and find new customers. If you are looking for some inspiration and help with where to start checkout this Infographic 10 Rules for a great startup idea.

Startup 305 - uk part time business ideas

unique gifts

Unique and personalised gifts are a growing trend in the UK with people looking for unique presents for their friends and family. If can create or supply these gifts for customers then you could be in for a big  idea. You could start selling locally and using the internet and then expand. Another idea would be to buy these products from abroad online and then sell them on for profit.

Start your own eBay/e-commerce store

If you are looking for a great business idea than you might not consider starting an eBay business. However if you are only looking to start part-time then eBay could be the launch pad you need to get started. By starting off selling on eBay you are reducing the risk of loosing anything if your business does not succeed. Furthermore eBay already has the visitors to your online store. If you eBay business is a success then this is when you can turn it into a professional eCommerce store. Using the profits you have already made, you could invest in web hosting and getting your store setup correctly.

Social media consultant

Even soul trader ands and small businesses are making use of social media these days. Social media allows businesses to reach a new audience, both local and worldwide. Social media allows businesses to interact with their customers and increase traffic to their websites. If you know anything about using social media for business then you could start offering this service to a small group of clients. You could manage social media accounts for under an hour a day or your could even schedule posts. Scheduling posts will allow you to do this on one day of the week and then allow content to be posted throughout the week.


Starting a personal blog is a popular idea these days. With the use of WordPress, you can set up a blog for super cheap or even free. If you are looking to make money through a blog then you could do this through selling ad space or affiliate marketing products. However you need to remember that blogging is not an overnight money-making idea and it could take you many months before you even make a penny.


If you have any particular skills such as graphic design or writing then you could put these to use as a freelancer. Freelancing your services will allow you to work on what you want and when you want. Working as a freelancer allow for a lot of flexibility as you work from home on the jobs that you want. Freelancing is a crowded marketplace these days so you need to make yourself stand out.

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