4 Features Of Successful Websites & How You Can Implement Them

Creating a successful website is a goal for many people online. However many people’s sites do not succeed and over 50 percent of blogs fail in the first year. I believe the main different between successful and unsuccessful websites is the advice people get when starting their site. I often see many sites that are not going anywhere online and it’s often for the same reasons.

There are several features that successful websites have. Take a look at these features of successful websites and see how you can implement them into your website.

Speed is important

If you visit any successful website then you will notice that they all load instantly. You never have to wait around for a successful website to load. This is one feature that every success website has and Google is one of the fastest loading websites around. If you are looking to create a succesful website then you need to ensure it loads fast, anything over 2 seconds is too long.

A fast loading website is great for user experience. If you website is taking too long to load then users are going to get bored and move onto the next one. Another reason that a fast loading website is going to be successful is because it is good for SEO. Google now considers speed a factor when ranking your website so if it is faster then you are going to rank better.

If you are using WordPress then there are many caching plugins such as W3 Total cache that you can use to speed up your site.

Top-level domains

A top-level domain is a .com or .co.uk or other similar domains. Every successful website using a top-level domain. However when many people are starting a new website or blog they often stick with the free domain that they get with it e.g. mywebsite.wordpress.com.

If you are serious about creating a successful website then you need to invest in a top-level domain. When searching Google I often see results that are not using a top-level domain and tend not to click on these as often. You can by a domain for under £10 a year these days and easily direct it to your site.

Social media integration

integrating social networks is one of the best things you can do for your website. integrating social share buttons encourages visitors to share your content. By sharing your content they are sending you free traffic and potential new customers. Furthermore placing a button to follow you on social networks  allows you to start to build a community around your website. You can then promote your content though social networks and build up traffic that way.

Integrating social networks to your site is easy. If you are using WordPress then there are plenty of free plugins to add social sharing buttons to your site. if not then you can get the embed code from social networks themselves.

Build an email list

Some people do not see the importance of building an email list for your site but it is actually one of the most important parts of a successful site. By getting visitors to subscribe you can email them all automatically with your latest content or products. If they have subscribed then they are going to be interested in your emails and most likely click on them and come visit your site.

Aweber and Mailchimp are some of the most popular services that allow you to do this.

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