3 Ways To Make Money Online Without A Website

To make money online, most people look into creating a website and selling through their website. However with many new platforms becoming available online these days you do not actually need a website to make any money. Making money online without a website can sometimes be easier than actually trying with a website and can often a lot less time-consuming as there is no need to be constantly updating a website. Take a look at these three methods below of making money online without a website.

YouTube videos

YouTube has seen substantial website growth in the last 4 years. There are now many people online that are making significant earnings and even making a living off YouTube videos.  There are several mays to make money with YouTube. Firstly you can place advertisements before the video starts.  Secondly you can find business who want to sponsor your videos by receiving a mention from you. Thirdly you can affiliate market products.

The key to making money with YouTube is building up A LOT of views. if your videos are only getting a few thousand views then you are not going to be making any significant money. If you want a lot of views then you need to create unique content that many people are going to be interested in. Pranksters often do well on YouTube and many of their videos go viral. You also need to look at ways of promoting your videos such as though your Twitter or Facebook profile.

Social networking

Social networking is perhaps harder to make money than with YouTube but it can still be done. The best way to make money on social networks is to manage multiple accounts and work on building up their following. You can then promote content though them and make a profit that way. There are many ad networks that participate in you posting on Twitter.

Many people try to do this by creating parody accounts which they create content though. However many of them try to make money too early and they will not be able to build the accounts up if they are spending all their time promoting content. To make real money with social networks you need many thousands of followers. Take a look at Branden Hampton who has built a successful business around Twitter.

Write content for websites

If you are into writing then there are many websites out there that will pay you to write for them. Some of them will pay you a fee for the article you write and others will pay you a share of the ad revenue from your article. There are many large websites that will pay you to write including Squidoo and HubPages.

If you are going to make good money doing this you need to create unique and interesting content. If it goes well then you could even expand into a full-time writing business where you freelance write and produce articles for any website that requires them. Starting off with sites like Squidoo though is a great way to showcase your work.

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