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10 Promising Startups for 2022


2020 has brought many potential viable start-up options to the scene. Here are my Top 10 picks for promising new startups in 2022:

Belong logoBelong: Belong is a wonderful addition to the job search market. What Belong does is to scan social media, internet, and pubic sources to find possible candidates for jobs.

This is truly sensational for those just starting out in the workplace given that they can be considered for more impressive opportunities that they may be a better fit for that they would not have found on their own.

Carousell logoCarousell: Carousell was designed to allow the user to sell the unused clutter in their life and to make money in the process. What the start-up does is connect potential buyers and sellers that would not have otherwise been exposed to one another.

Carousell has gained a significant amount of traction and is yet another useful way to make alternative sources of income based on one’s assets.

maple logoMaple: Native to New York City, Maple is designed to eliminate the restaurant from the delivery equation. While this seems strange, Maple is the first delivery only kitchen in New York City.

Thus, for those customers who just want delivery without the premium price for a restaurant, Maple is your start-up of choice.

BitGold logoBitGold: BitGold is designed to make gold usable as a medium of trade.

This start-up is particularly interesting because as we see a shift in the debate about having one universal global currency, gold is surely one of the contenders for implementing such a policy.

Thus, BitGold is surely going to be worth watching in the coming years.

Voonik logoVoonik: For those who enjoy online shopping, Voonik is a sensational choice for you because it allows you to put together outfits from more than one store.

This start-up truly has the potential to change the fashion industry because it will allow companies to increase sales by working together and potentially allowing for outfit combinations from many retailers to be purchased at once.

Zoomo logoZoomo: Zoomo is ideal for students and those who move frequently to buy and sell cars. By eliminating the car dealer from the situation, Zoomo creates a peer-to-peer car sales transaction.

This is truly a wonderful idea that will lower the price of cars as well for those who cannot afford expensive cars and are merely looking for a basic method of transportation.

Opinio logoOpinio: Opinio is another great idea because it takes the on-demand grocery concept, but expands it to include your pharmacy as well. This is an interesting concept because historically we had seen groceries divided from the pharmacy.

By combing both in one useful service, consumers can eliminate a note on their to-do list.

Alodokter logoAlodokter: Alodokter is a great start-up that has information on exercise, nutrition, and medical diseases. What makes Alodokter superior to informational sites such as WebMD is that Alodokter actually has doctors on staff to answer personalized questions. This has the potential to eliminate costly visits to the doctor for conditions that really do not require the doctor’s visit.

Droom logoDroom: Droom is another automobile start-up, but with a different twist. Droom is the first online platform to buy and sell used and new automobiles. This is an enormous step in the automotive industry because it essentially eliminates the dealer from the equation. This will be interesting to watch in the next few years.


2020 is a very exciting and innovative year for startups. It will be nice to see how these startups develop because the ideas behind them are truly revolutionary and if implemented well, could promote a great deal of progress in the business world. For even more future market movers, you can take a look at our picks for the best Asian Startups to Watch in 2020.

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