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The Story of Jam Koum – The Man Behind WhatsApp

When Facebook first decided to acquire WhatsApp, they decided to pay $19 billion in stock and several months after the deal closed, WhatsApp’s price on the market had reached $22 billion. Today, WhatsApp has

Top 5 Ted Talks That Will Help Your Business Grow

Help is the most useful thing in the world. The difference between a success and a failure is with a great correlation with asking for help – in all aspects of life, and definitely

How to Work While Travelling

Contrary to popular belief, you absolutely can work while traveling. The reason that this has changed in recent years is due to the plethora of opportunities on how to make money online, global jobs,

Twitter is Better Than Facebook For Business: Here’s Why

Both Facebook and Twitter are great tools for your business and you should use them both to ensure better online exposure. Both of them allow you to promote your business and also socialize with

[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Twitter Tips For Small Businesses

Social networks such as Twitter are one of the most valuable tools to small business. They allow you to engage with potential customers and drive sales online. However getting social media right can often

Essential Small Business Social Media Marketing Tools

Using social media for the first time as a business can be confusing and hard to learn. Furthermore social media marketing can also be extremely time consuming to manage your business profile. It can

5 Social Networks Every Small Business Should Be Using

If you are a regular user of the internet then the chances are you make use of social networks. Social networks allow us to connect with others and broadcast information to others. Social media

4 Features Of Successful Websites & How You Can Implement Them

Creating a successful website is a goal for many people online. However many people’s sites do not succeed and over 50 percent of blogs fail in the first year. I believe the main different

5 Social Media Tips For Your Startup Business

Social media has been popular with online businesses for many years now. Furthermore there are now more traditional and startup businesses starting to use social media for business. Using social media for your business
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