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3 Impressive Entrepreneur Stories to Learn From

There is no one-size-fits-all instruction manual for entrepreneurs. Every venture and niche is different, each requiring varying approaches to achieve success. However, soft skills such as a strong work ethic, being a self-starter, and

The Story of Jam Koum – The Man Behind WhatsApp

When Facebook first decided to acquire WhatsApp, they decided to pay $19 billion in stock and several months after the deal closed, WhatsApp’s price on the market had reached $22 billion. Today, WhatsApp has

The Life Story of Bernard Groves – A True Entrepreneurial Success Story

In recent years, there have been a number of initiatives within the United States to resolve homelessness. That said, many of these programs have become obsolete in the wake of the recession of 2008.

Entrepreneur Interview: Majid Kazmi

This week we will be interviewing Mr Majid Kazmi. Our focus on Mr. Kazim’s immigrant background, as we would like to inspire others in the same position to do the same as him. Mr.

The 7 Personal Qualities You Must Have As A Startup Founder

You might have the perfect idea for a startup, that should be a guaranteed success. You want to make it happen, but you’re not sure you have the capability to start and run a

Keeping Your Employees Satisfied

What keeps employees happy? This question is fairly individual, but for many of your key-employees, the answer seems pretty straightforward. More than anything else, good employees who feel they can contribute and have a

Top 10 Growth Hacking Tips For Business That Will Blow Your Mind

Grow your business like a weed with our simple 10 tricks and strategies for a better growth for new, small, businesses. Some may refer to it as growth hacking, but these are not “hacks”

Rich List: The Worlds Richest Billionaires 2015

The number of billionaires in the world has been on the increase in recent years. There are now more billionaires than ever with a combined wealth of 6.4 Trillion Dollars. Many of the people

6 Inspiring Habits of The Ultra Successful

Having good habits can help you become a more successful person. Instead of wondering what event has made others successful, look at their habits and think about how these have made them successful. Many

50 Success Quotes That Will Motivate Every Entrepreneur

Starting your own business can be tough at times and often fustraiting.However quotes of other entrepreneurs can often be motivating and help us achieve more. Other entrepreneurs quotes often give us an idea into
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