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The Incredible Story of Kim Dotcom and MegaUpload

There are many controversial websites on the Internet that governments have tried to shut down. Many such websites have to do with providing users to download content that violates major Copyright laws. Where the

Mega list: 22 Startup Blogs That You Need To Read In 2018

  We are often asked about our reading habits. Entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for more blogs to help them improve, grow, and develop long term strategies, and so do we. This list

Top 5 Ted Talks That Will Help Your Business Grow

Help is the most useful thing in the world. The difference between a success and a failure is with a great correlation with asking for help – in all aspects of life, and definitely

7 Places To Find a Co-founder for Your Startup Business

It is often seen that young entrepreneurs come up with great ideas but they fail to transform that ideas into actions. Previous researches show that entrepreneurs often get failed because of having no understanding

Should You Recycle Your Product or Brand?

While most businesses, in most industries, are focused on developing a strong brands that will attract and retain clients, some businesses take a different approach. In various niches, and especially ones that aren’t particularly

Keeping Your Employees Satisfied

What keeps employees happy? This question is fairly individual, but for many of your key-employees, the answer seems pretty straightforward. More than anything else, good employees who feel they can contribute and have a

Top 10 Growth Hacking Tips For Business That Will Blow Your Mind

Grow your business like a weed with our simple 10 tricks and strategies for a better growth for new, small, businesses. Some may refer to it as growth hacking, but these are not “hacks”
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