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Robo Advisor Guide

Algorithms. That was once a word avoided in your high school math class yet now it is coveted and treasured. Whether it be high frequency trading or some other groups using them to their

Business Finances: Information on Short-Term Loans and Debt Management

Every business, no matter how large or small, has to go through the steps to manage their finances. Part of this is properly handling debt, which for most businesses comes in the form of

How much money should a Fintech startup raise

Fintech Startups Need to Raise This Amount in the Seed Investment Round You may have a revolutionary idea that will change the fintech industry. You might even have the blueprints, developers, and PR vision

The Importance Of Remittances Worldwide

Even though most of us had, at some point, sent money to a friend or relative, we don’t really think about the big picture and the magnitude of the remittance market. In order to

Small Businesses And Startup Funding

Too many businesses look at funding as something a lot more trivial than it really is. Business funding, for start-ups, small businesses, established businesses, and large corporations alike, is a determining factor which directly
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