3 Impressive Entrepreneur Stories to Learn From

There is no one-size-fits-all instruction manual for entrepreneurs. Every venture and niche is different, each requiring varying approaches to achieve success. However, soft skills such as a strong work ethic, being a self-starter, and

Fastest Growing Brands Over the Last Year

Not always at the top of the market in sales in their respective industries, however they have experienced the highest growth over the last year. Let’s take a look at some of the top

The Story of Jam Koum – The Man Behind WhatsApp

When Facebook first decided to acquire WhatsApp, they decided to pay $19 billion in stock and several months after the deal closed, WhatsApp’s price on the market had reached $22 billion. Today, WhatsApp has

Selling on Amazon or Ebay for Beginners

Looking to make some extra money doing a side hustle? Lots of people are. One way to make some extra green is by selling on Amazon or Ebay. Most people know you can sell

Estonia’s Friendly Environment for Business: Meet e-Businesses

Estonia has rapidly become one of the most Internet savvy and technologically advanced countries in the world. As a result, it has been the country that has been responsible for launching companies such as:

What3Words – Geocoding System For Locations

What3Words, that is not a typo, it is a company founded in 2013 in London by four individuals, Chris Sheldrick, Michael Dent, Mohan Ganesalingam and Jack Waley-Cohen.  What3Words is a geo-mapping system or geocoding

Incredible Startups that Assist Handicapped People

In today’s world, it’s critical that startups have inclusivity in mind when they work to serve their customers. Some startups have taken this to heart and are building solutions that assist people who are

The Incredible Story of Kim Dotcom and MegaUpload

There are many controversial websites on the Internet that governments have tried to shut down. Many such websites have to do with providing users to download content that violates major Copyright laws. Where the

Should I be using a VPN for my business?

Cybersecurity threats for busiensses have grown 10 fold over the past few years. It is almost imminent that at one point in time someone will ill intentions will make an attempt to either hack

The Life Story of Bernard Groves – A True Entrepreneurial Success Story

In recent years, there have been a number of initiatives within the United States to resolve homelessness. That said, many of these programs have become obsolete in the wake of the recession of 2008.
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